Sonoma Fire Anniversary Stories

For the one year anniversary of the 2017 Sonoma fires, we invited Sonoma Valley community members and first responders in to Studio B here at KSVY to share their experiences during the fires last October.

On October 8th & 9th, we swapped two full days and nights of regularly scheduled programming to share the voices of our valley and their firestorm anniversary memories on the air. Many stories were sad, a few were on the exciting side, and one was a bit funny, if you can believe that! (Have you ever chased a looter with a bulldozer? It happened!) One thing all of these stories had in common was heartfelt gratitude for the love in the air that really was thicker than the smoke. Each and every person we talked with commented on how beautifully the community came together during that frightening and difficult time.

We’re pleased to share them with you. 

Lynn Abate-Johnson (17:20)
Spencer Andreis SVFRA (19:38)
Allison Ash Mayacamas Fire Board (22:28)
Julie Atwood HALTER Project (24:58)
Patty Beverly Pets Lifeline (12:00)
Madeline Black (3:39)
Pat Carlin KSVY host (11:20)
Hector Chavez (13:07)
Jim Comisky Battalion Chief, SVFRA (11:38)
Sam Coturri (8:58)
Dino DiGiulio (10:24)
Jack Ding (21:37)
Kathy Downs (14:10)
Shannon Erickson Lee (22:16)
Tim Gray (8:45)
Peter Hansen (26:49)
Erin Hill Freschi (9:58)
John LemMon (9:50)
Wendy Lindstrom (9:38)
Tim Livingston KSVY (14:16)
Stefani Mackling (13:16)
Renea Magnani (15:53)
Steve Millosovich CalFire Captain, Glen Ellen (15:13)
Rick Miron (18:25)
Megan Moll (7:49)
Steve Page (8:15)
Shilo Porter (11:28)
Amelia Randolph (6:41)
Gary Saperstein (14:19)
Matt Sevenau (13:26)
Jane Siegel (8:09)
John Stalcup (19:28)
Rhonda Stallings (10:29)
Tips Roadside/Tri Tip Trolley – Susie Pryfogal and chef Thaddeus (25:14)
Kirk Van Wormer CalFire Battalion Chief, Glen Ellen (33:12)
General Vallejo’s statue (3:28)

These stories were made possible by a grant from the Sonoma Clean Power Fire Recovery Project.

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