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KSVY is no longer broadcasting from 164 W. Napa St., we are relocating to 680 W. Napa St. PSA recordings will continue in mid to late June. We appreciate the support and patience of everyone in the community.

Health Matters Special Guest

Speaking on behalf of veteran needs Richard Carmona MD, Surgeon
General under G W Bush is reaching out to the public to support the
unmet and unique needs represented by the troubles reported about in
VA medicine. For the public interested in these needs please tune in
and hear the comments of this public leader

Busking Forever
Dave KSVY lost a longtime friend and wonderful human being. Dave Robbins host of “Busking” on KSVY for over 9 years passed away on July 18. His music selections were excellent and he was a big supporter of local musicians and people of various talents all around. That aside, enough can not be said about Dave and the kind man he was.
  • Mornings In Sonoma Guest Calendar July 25, 2014

    • Peadar Dalton "Successful Relationship Corner"

      8:00 am

    • Val Robichaud, Editor of the SV Sun

      8:40 am

    • Chris Hanlin

      9:30 am

  • Mornings In Sonoma Guest Calendar July 28, 2014

    • Sonoma Valley Ministerial Association

      8:00 am

    • Tim Livingston - Local Sports

      8:30 am

  • Mornings In Sonoma Guest Calendar July 29, 2014

    • Maya Smoot - Midsummer Night's Dream

      8:20 am

    • Dino-Body Best - Wheels to Prosper, postpress

      9:00 am

  • Mornings In Sonoma Guest Calendar July 30, 2014

    • Relay for LIfe with Jo & Mindy

      9:30 am

  • Mornings In Sonoma Guest Calendar July 31, 2014

    • George McKale City Historian and World Traveler

      9:00 am