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Dance Diva Special Guest 03/11

On Wednesday, Mar. 11, at 9:30pm, Jim Griewe and Shannon Howlett from MusicWorks!Sonoma will be interviewed on the Dance Diva Show. They will discuss their upcoming concert, Angels Arise!, on Sunday, Mar. 15 at 4pm, at Saint Francis Solano Church in Sonoma. The concert will honor one of Sonoma’s special Artistic Treasures, Jo Anne Connor-Metzger. Special musical guests include the First Congregational Church of Sonoma Choir and Vintage Singers. Free-will donations will be graciously accepted toward establishing the Jo Anne Connor-Metzger Music Scholarship Award for young musicians

Upcoming Hollywood & West Napa Guests

3/3 SIFF (?)

Frank Portman, author- King Dork

Margo Lipshchultz, editor in chief- Harlequin Romance Novels


Katherine Heiny, author- Single Carefree Mellow

Chris Roland, producer- Die Windomp (SIFF)

Shiv Paul, filmmaker- Queens Court (SIFF)

This Month on Sustainable Growing with Quarter Acre Farm

2/27 John Mason of Emtu Estate Wines
2/20 Lily Schneider of Shooting Star CSA
2/27 John Mason of Emtu Estate Wines
3/6 Jack Chambers of TerraVesco

Morning Show Guest Schedule:

March 5, 2015
Andrea Davis-Farmer's Market Report
8:30 am
George McKale City Historian and World Traveler
9:00 am
March 6, 2015
Greg Voker - Sonoma County Sol
8:30 am
Claudia Mendoza-Carruth, Sonoma Film Festival
9:00 am
Rick Love -All Things Entertainment
9:30 am
March 9, 2015
Sonoma Valley Ministerial Association
8:00 am
Natalie Kling - The Art of Clean Living
9:30 am
March 10, 2015
Tim Livingston - Local Sports
9:00 am
March 11, 2015
Misty aldana
8:30 am
Impact 100
9:30 am