1 PM in the Morning

1pm - 2pm
host: Paulie Himself


Tired of radio shows that think the STONES only have 5 songs? Why would he play "Satisfaction" (which we never need to hear again no matter how good a song it is) when he can play "Respectable"? I doubt you'll hear "Sweet home Alabama", "Magic Carpet Ride", or "Smoke on the Water" either for that matter. By the way, did you know that Smoke on the Water was off of Deep Purples 7th album? Uh-huh, 7th album.

Thanks to the influx in retro Rock N Roll activity, extremely rare records deep under piles and piles of music are making there way to the top, for RnR "Nerds" Like Paulie Hips to snatch up, disect, and then find ALL the side projects, and uber famous legends their members might've very well turned into. ........ So sit back and enjoy the ride. You might learn something. Like..... Maybe you haven't heard your favorite band yet!