Fred’s Picks

8pm - 9pm
host: Fred Allebach


      FRED'S PICKS is an attempt to create a dynamic and interesting mix of musical genres. I am not scared to juxtapose shockingly different styles against each other, creating a sense of exploration and surprise. I will also explore themes and create a palette of song textures along a certain feeling. I’ve always respected and admired people with a wide range of musical tastes, and as I’ve grown older, been a beneficiary of technology with great access to music and music history. I am also lucky enough to have this show and had the chance to develop a wider net and a grander scope of musical interests. I continue to dig and look into new sources to keep it interesting for myself and in service of a good show. So what might you hear on this show?  Bluegrass, newgrass, the roots of country, western swing, cowboy, seafaring, rockabilly, hillbilly, rock, blues, funk, soul, gospel, torch singers, Motown, minstrelsy, ragtime, jazz/rock fusion, fusions of all sorts, female vocalists of all sorts, international/world, Mexican traditional, salsa, flamenco, Baroque and Renaissance classical, classic rock, Grateful Dead, the San Francisco sound, pop, hits, shows on a theme, a tone, a timing, a feeling or shows juxtaposing different genres, showcasing David Bromberg or the music that Bill Monroe listened to, etc. I like to find fusions, past and present, as well as covers, and explore who influenced whom. My latest great find: Miles From India/ A Celebration of the Music of Miles Davis - this album has got it going! By staying interested and having this show, I’m always looking for something new, and hopefully, that sense of discovery will provide reason to tune in!