French Touch

1pm - 2pm
host: Michel Saga


    Every Monday on KSVY 91.3, MICHEL SAGA will take you on a musical trip to France. Michel will include some "tricks" to give you the opportunity to visit France without leaving Sonoma. Planning to actually visit Paris? Saga can give you recommendations in Paris and all over the country for restaurants, hotels, fun places to be, expositions, museums, markets, festivals, etc. On his show, he will also host some local French people like chefs, designers, artisans, artistes, and creators, to give you the opportunity to discover the French culture here in Sonoma County and in the San Francisco area. Last but certainly not least, you will be treated to occasional live music played by Saga and other French or francophile local musicians. If you have any questions, please contact Michel Saga by email at A bientôt !!!