Hollywood & West Napa Street

10am - 11am
host: Cat Smith


Cat Smith is a local Social Media Butterfly helping busy real estate agents with their online marketing. Her family moved to Sonoma Valley in 1980, and except for a few years, it’s always been her home.  “We are so lucky to live in a community with so much art, music, and theatre!”
Cat has been with KSVY for about a dozen years. Her current show is all about the entertainment world- who are the people behind the stories, that we see on the screen, behind the art that we see? She loves talking to creative people!
“Most people do not have access to these people, so it is awesome to be able to seek them out and have a conversation on air while Sonoma listens!  Some of the guests are my peers, some are my idols, and some people are just starting out need a spotlight.”