Hollywood & West Napa Street

10am - 10am
host: Cat Smith


Cat Smith is a local voice actor who has been with KSVY Sonoma for nearly 10 years.  Recently, she has returned to theatre with Sonoma Arts Live.  Cat has been on movie sets, worked backstage, sung with bands, harmonized with vocal groups, made a living with writing, spoken on panels at San Diego Comic-Con International, fashioned art, and the creativity list just goes on.  All of this drives her to host her current show, Hollywood & West Napa. “I love talking to everyone creative!  Most people do not have access to these people, so it is awesome to be able to seek them out and have a conversation on air that anyone can listen too!  Some of the guests are my peers, some are my idols, and some people are just starting out and I want to give them a spotlight.” Tune in every Tuesday morning at 10 a.m. to hear everything entertainment with new music sprinkled in occasionally.