11am - 1pm
host: Jeff Gilbert


Step back in time every weekday Jeff Gilbert and The Young Old-Timers in “The Studio off The Main Studio”, a magical place called JEFF’S JOYNT, where people just show up. Visitors include Ronald Reagan, Billy Bob Thornton, James Mason, Joe Pesci, Bill Clinton, Boris Karloff, Truman Capote, Raymond Burr, George W. Bush, Howard Hepburn (Katharine’s nephew), Al Gore with the Inconvenient Weather Report, Veteran Reporter Nad Chasechip, George, the Alcoholic Pilot up in the KSVY 1937 Autogyro in the Sky, and a cast of thousands who drop by and share a drink made by our own Bartender, John, the Sentimental Gentleman from Georgia. Tune in to hear “The Great American Songbook” and all the Great Entertainers and Big Bands from Fred Astaire to Paul Whiteman. In between sets, the cast of Jeff’s Joynt will keep you laughing – a platter party like no other! .