JiveKiller Radio

9pm - 11pm
host: Paul Miller, Steve Brunolli


JIVEKILLER RADIO was founded by PAULIE HIMSELF, and STEVIE STEELE, two refugees from SO CAL - and all-around solid dudes - who Love Good ROCK 'N' ROLL and great beer! They are single-handedly trying to rebuild from the wreckage that the god-forsaken 90s and early 2000s did to their beloved ROCK 'N' ROLL, all the while enjoying a great craft beer in the process. So....they invite you all, every Sunday at 9pm on KSVY 91.3 FM or WORLDWIDE @ ksvy.org....to strap on your beatle boots, or zip up your knee-high, patent-leather stilettos - grab a beer, and dance your pretty little asses off. Oh, and if you're local.....Stop by the studio and spread your love like a fever! Door's Always Open!!