Only The Good News

9pm - 10pm
host: Helaine Forte


It has always been a pet peeve of mine that the local and national news programs are so negative. They love to emphasize what is wrong with the world; war, crimes, scandals, bad weather, economic problems, etc. I would say to myself "didn't anything good happen today? I believe by only reporting the "Bad News" you are giving the people who are responsible the glory of getting some recognition for their acts. I am not suggesting that we should not be informed, I get that. However, how about with every "bad" event, follow up immediately with a "good" event? My show, "Only the Good News" will only cover the good events primarily in Sonoma Valley. For example, a caller may want to share a random act of kindness that they witnessed today. Other suggestions could be a new baby, or a veteran coming home from serving our country (let's dwell on our friends and neighbors that could use some recognition), anything that is going to make others feel better about our world. I will be inviting various guests to discuss their perspective on "Only the Good News" in our beautiful Sonoma Valley. For example, my first guest was Mayor David Cook who discussed what makes our town special. I have also invited the Executive Director of the Community Center, Toni Castrone, to discuss "Only the Good News" about their events and activities. I will be contacting various organizations and their directors to help me in celebrating what is good in Sonoma Valley.