Really Real People

4pm - 5pm
host: Jim Thomas, Neal Ross


    The Sonoma Valley Interfaith Ministerial Association Radio Hour, Thursday’s Faith and Interfaith at 4:00pm” is an hour dedicated to discussions on the religious and spiritual live of the individual, our communities, and beyond. With guests from our interfaith group and other professionals in our town, we cover topics such as faith and reason, healing, spiritual experiences and journeys, and the differences and many similarities our religions share. We also offer musical selections that resonate with our topic for the day, and even throw in a little Hebrew and Arabic music from The Holy Land and other parts of the Middle East. We have a weekly call-in guest, Musicologist and Cantor, Jonathan Friedmann, who offers further teachings on our topics, and shares how music plays an essential part of both the human and spiritual experiences we encounter and share. Our goal is to educate on the many topics and paths of religion, and to provide our listeners with opportunities to hear questions and answers on how engage in balanced spiritual path. The music selections are carefully chosen to enhance our topic discussion. Sit back and enjoy! Please visit our website to view our upcoming themes: Feel free to contact us with ideas, concerns or questions: