Scott Rox

3pm - 5pm
host: Scott Rox


Welcome to SCOTT ROX. My personal goal is to be the best! Want to hear a song? Call me when I’m on air at (707) 933-9133 or email me at I will try to get it on for you & give you a shout-out, so be sure to give your name and city or country. If there is something you like or dislike about the show, email me. They say I have to write a small bit about myself so here goes: First, I would like to say thanks to my Loving Wife, Carol. Without her by my side for the past 29 years, life wouldn’t be the same. I love you, Carol. I was born in Indiana in January 1962. Growing up, the people I listened to on the radio were Buster Bodine & a whole bunch of NUT jobs on WNAP. My first live concert was KISS at Market Square Arena in Indianapolis. My all-time favorite US President is Richard M Nixon. I love baseball (go Giants & Dragons). I love photography and have a large collection of old cameras; I do camera work for SVTV. My Heroes are the BRAVE men & women who serve to protect our nation & schoolteachers like Mrs. Buvia. Thank you so much.