Sonic Discovery

8pm - 9pm
host: JamesO


    It’s JamesO on the mic. Since 2004, I’ve hosted an open-minded and open-ended show on KSVY. Initially dubbed the Genre Bender, it is now SONIC DISCOVERY. I want to entertain you, and simultaneously surprise you with an inspired and awkward mix of poetry and music. I like to host “without a net/chair”, but I occasionally regress to my comfort-Beatles-Cure-Pretenders-Wilco zone. You are free to call and add to the program!   I have roots in San Francisco and limbs in Sonoma, and the Valley of the Moon Commute Club makes 90 miles a day tolerable. I was raised in North Beach, got my B.S. in Conservation at Cal (and DJ’ed at KALX Berkeley in ’92-’93), and have been a proud public servant ever since! As a National Park Ranger, I am an “interpreter”, which means I’ve taught about John Muir, guided walks on Alcatraz and the Bridge, and I currently serve on the Presidio. My wife, Donna and I moved to Sonoma in ’94, and now have 2 boys, Ryland and Gage at SVHS. Tune in to Sun FM 91.3 on Tuesdays at 9 pm!