Sonoma Kids Ask the Experts

12pm - 1pm
host: Sonoma Kids


    When the pandemic hit and kids were no longer allowed to go to school, Cat Smith realized quickly that her kids had more questions about everything going on than she could possibly answer on her own. Her 5th grader was the inspiration for this new show. “What if I gave a topic and the kids were able to ask all of the questions they have to someone who knows all of the answers? Brilliant! It began as a collaboration with the 5th grade teachers of Prestwood, and now she hopes kids all over the Valley will send their questions too! Every week, one expert is chosen to speak on a topic. For a week, Cat collects the questions and THOSE are what she uses to interview the guest! Announcing the first name and the age of each child, Cat may just say your name on the radio! Some of the topics include:
    • All your COVID-19 and coronavirus questions with Dr. Jerome Smith, pediatrician
    • What is going on in our city? With Mayor Logan Harvey
    • How to understand the peaceful protests, riots, George Floyd, Black Lives Matter, and all the news with child advocate, Celeste Winders
    • Red flag warnings, firestorms, and how to prepare for fire season with the Sonoma Valley Fire Department