KSVY Guest

Rules for All Visiting Guests

FCC regulations prevent anyone from discussing prices, discounts or sales relating to ANY product or business. Describing any product or business with superlatives such as “Best” “Quality” “Coolest” etc. is forbidden. Dictating a call-to-action such as “go to”, “check out” “come down” is alsoforbidden. Everything should be phrased as a suggestion: “You could go to… ” “You can check it out” “You may come down” “More information is available at…”

Morning Show Guests

Please be on time. If you are late, you’ll need to wait until the next available time slot to get on air. If you’re going to be late, please call in to (707) 933-9133 and inform the producer.

Before going on the air, you’ll need to check in with the producer and fill out a release form. The producer will let you know when to enter the studio.

Drop-ins are welcome when we have an open slot! Feel free to drop in anytime.

Be aware that the Morning Show is simulcast on Sonoma Valley Televsion (SVTV 27) and there are cameras running in the studio. A DVD of the show can be purchased here.

All Sonoma KSVY radio shows are simulcast on KSVY 91.3 FM, KSVY.org, plus iPhone and Android applications. Shoutcast (audio) apps can use server

iPhone and Android owners can watch using Ustream Viewer App. Just search for SVTV.