Signal Society Members

Sleepy AntennaOur new antenna is On The Air!!!

It's been a long road but we made it! We'd like to thank the members of our Signal Booster Society who helped fund the project and make it a reality. Thanks Ricky and everyone! See you on the radio....

Sonoma Valley Fund
Nancy and Henry Bruce
Les & Judy Vadasz
Richard and Cathrine Krell
Keith and Cheryl Hughes
Simon and Kimberly Blattner
Stephen & Diana Bieneman
D.H.& Arline Pepp
Margaret H Kyle
Bob Crane and Lucy Weiger
John and Phyllils Gurney
Dave Stollmeyer
Rick & Lori Miron
Drew & Ellen Bradley
Sonoma Valley Hospital
Jack Linder
Arthur Grandy
Barbara Wells
Mellisa Dowling
Simone Echeguran
Rosemary Passantino
Whitney Evans
Steve & Judy Page
Mike & Mary Schuh
Dan Sondheim
Shirley Sulpizio
Frankie Mancuso
Kari Wishingrad
Scott Macomber
John Drady
Lin Marie Devincent
Jeff Davis
Laura Schermeister
Beth Hadley
S. Brangham & J. Lundgren

Rebuild North Bay
The County of Sonoma
Community Foundation Sonoma County
Jack London Yacht Club
Craig Erridge
Charles Purdom
Patty Marken
Gina Cuclis
Suzanne Cavanaugh
Tyler Meloan
Mike Ryan
Ronny Grooms
Steven l Meloan
Jocelyn Vick
Laurie Pile
Joanne Brown
Anne Petersen
C.M. Kruse de la Rosa
James Marshall Berry
Ray Schuster
William Henry
Marcia Macomber
Tim Hanni
Anya Macomber
Sam Coturri
Beth Hadley
Michael Monzingo
Jeanne Grove
Dan Macomber
Rich Lee
Gina Cuclis
Patyy Marken
Ruby Fontana
Daphne Drescher
Diane Etcheverry