ClusterFunk Radio

ClusterFunk Radio

Hosted by: Brittany Lee & Tyler Shahan
Friday 10pm - Midnight

Photo Brittany & Tyler hosts of Cluster Funk Radio

ClusterFunk Radio is a fun mix of talk, music and even singing as a vehicle for open conversations, focusing on community issues in Sonoma County with a queer spin. On our show, we’ll share where the coolest hang out, fabulous upcoming events, what's trending out there and why, and where these trends might be heading and what does that mean for our community.

We discuss how current events are shaping the community of Sonoma county. We also will bring in key local hearts and minds for interviews, such as local business owners, local artists, and local activists to talk about how they are experiencing these issues in their own spaces.

We are LGBTQ+ Co-Founders of Clusterfunk Studios, Tyler Shahan and Brittany Lee. Tyler is an accomplished artist from New Mexico with a lifelong love of art and now works in design and guides painters at Clusterfunk events. Brittany has years of business development and analysis experience supported by two advanced degrees in management, including an MBA and International business. She also has a flare for entertainment and a passion for sharing music with the community. Brittany sings within live bands consistently with artists local to Sonoma County and we both frequent local karaoke nights, sharing music with everyone.

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