CW’s Roots Music

CW’s Roots Music

Hosted by: CW and George Webber
Friday 1pm – 2pm

artist and musician CW Bayer with banjo

Join CW Bayer and George Webber as they listen to and talk about CW’s roots music—the instruments and old styles of music that CW has played throughout his life. Having performed honky tonk, old time, Irish, gold rush, mining, train, hobo and saloon songs across the West, for this radio program on KSVY CW brings music on guitar, fiddle, banjo, harmonica and/or mandolin and the two curmudgeons revel in the timeless images of roots music.

Says CW, “Roots music is neither an exact imitation of the past nor a mere flavoring of modern music with antique elements. It is a living tradition built on respect for both the people and the methods that came before. It is difficult to make this commercial in a world that values size, speed, volume and the comfortable. Roots music reminds us that music can be immediate, tell stories and sometimes inspire dance while remaining intimate. For the radio show on KSVY, I bring in recordings of music and I bring in instruments to play live. This makes for lively repartee with Webber whose cultural knowledge is vast.”

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