Happy 10th-Anniversary, Cat!

Happy 10th-Anniversary, Cat!

Cat Smith

10-year anniversary of KSVY Hollywood in Sonoma with Cat Smith!  

Cat Smith’s show Hollywood & West Napa celebrates 10-years on the air this week. Cat Smith is a local social media butterfly helping entrepreneurs and creatives with their online marketing. Having grown up in Sonoma Valley, she’s happy to now be helping raise another generation of Sonomans. Inspired by the community’s love of art, music, and theatre, Hollywood & West Napa was born.

Cat has loved every one of her KSVY shows, but thinks this show is extra special. Episodes are all about the entertainment world. Who are the people behind the stories whether in a book or in a movie? With guest interviews, musical scores and Cat's own insight after years of work as an actress and voiceover professional, she delves into the process of how art is created and the techniques that go into these productions that entertain, inform and sometimes challenge us. From music to film to spoken word, all these genres are explored on her program.

Happy anniversary to to Cat and thank you so much for making KSVY unique, relevant, local, and FUN! 

We join her in thanking her former cohosts Melissa Byrne & Jason Ghiselin for helping her grow the show to what it is today.

Cat has been on quite a ride with us as a volunteer host at KSVY from 2012 - 2022. Cat sends her thanks to all our listeners and writes, “From one studio location to another, live-in-the-studio to pandemic Zoom recording and to now (back in the studio,) cheers to 10 years of entertainment! Celebrate with me!”

To listen tune in every Tuesday at 10 am pst to 91.3 FM or stream KSVY Sonoma from anywhere via the phone app.

And if you missed her celebratory show Tuesday, September 23rd, “10 years of KSVY Hollywood in Sonoma with Cat Smith.” <——Just click this link from the archive and listen now.