In Step In Tech

In Step In Tech

Hosted by: Ron Leal
Saturday 10am - 11am


I may look young but I bring to the microphone more than a few years of television, radio, computer networking and internet experience combined with my own delight, appreciation and respect for Science and Technology. I provide my listeners with news of science, technology, and a mix of offbeat, under-the-radar, fun stuff and how it affects our lives. I try to do this in a way that the audience can understand that additionally provides an historical perspective. Oft times, this leads to my thoughts on the political and personal implications of Sci/Tech with a focus on telecommunications.

You will also hear some pretty cool music, including Blues, Jazz, Rock, and whatever the 'Mood of the Week' dictates. 18 years of Television engineering/production and 10 years in developing and running an Internet Service and helping customers with internet and computer problems as partner of VoM/Datapro, I bring to my audience news of science and technology and how it affects our lives in a way that everyone can understand with additional insights into the internet. Tune in to IN STEP IN TECH on Saturdays from 10 to 11 am..

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