Hosted by: Bill Stallings
Saturday 5pm - 9pm

Bill Stallings
RoxFiles is a theme-oriented fusion of classic FM programming with innovative, timeless, and entertaining music features presented in a coherent, meaningful and vivid way; with flow, balance, plus variety and dynamics. This show creates adventure with audience participation, always fresh with "new" music releases and topicality of the day using the entire spectrum of rock and roll.

Bill Stallings has been in broadcasting since he graduated from Kent State University in Ohio in 1972. He became a local legend when he joined WWWM 105, the first “classic rock” station in the country. After M105 was sold and changed format in 1982, Bill moved to the West Coast and had radio gigs in San Francisco and Sacramento, while doing voice-overs at Cox Productions and teaching radio industry basics at a Broadcasting school in Sacramento. Returning to Cleveland, he landed a morning drive slot at the new “Classic Rock” station WNCX 98.5, but the corporate monopoly of stations and homogenized computerized format had him on the move once again. After a stint as field announcer for the Chicago White Sox A team and commercial voice/announcer for WSRF in Florida, he returned to Cleveland in 1993 and landed an on-air/production job at WMMS FM which became Clear Channel Communications Inc. Bill authored a rock radio format for satellite and syndication: the “RoxFiles: Through Music We Feel”, his real passion. In 2011, he started producing his radio show on KSVY Sonoma called RoxFiles. “The Alchemy of Persuasion”, is his main career focus with unlimited goals to achieve.


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