Sustainer Society

View of radio antenna from the ground looking up into the sunCan we count on you to be one of our monthly supporters to help offset antenna and broadcasting costs with a tax deductible donation?

The KSVY Sustainer Society was born from the effort to fund the station’s antenna upgrade and instrumental in the success of the campaign that allows KSVY to boast 450 square miles of broadcast range. The society is comprised of community members who are  committed to KSVY, community radio, and the mission of local, independent media.

When you donated in the past it’s because you are part of a fellowship that appreciates community media and values it as an important shared-common; things like natural habitats, parks, playfields, or historical heritage. Sustainers value local voices, and regional culture, music and art. Basically you put the “community” in community radio and our platform is only as good as that.

You don't have to give a lot to make a big difference to KSVY. Our collective effort makes it work. All 60+ Hosts and Programs, every special event, every town hall, every guest interview, or live music studio session broadcast on KSVY’s airwaves is made possible by that grass-roots support. 

For as little as three dollars a day you can bring a diverse range of music, community journalism, civic engagement and cultural events and experiences to our community. And you’ll be amplifying all the good works in our region as KSVY continues to support nonprofits & philanthropy by our local good doers and heroes. 



It’s easy and convenient. Click and complete the form to join the Sustainer’s Society. You can change, suspend, or cancel your gift at any time. 

(The minimum monthly incremental donation amount to enroll in the KSVY Sustainer Society is $91.30)

(Not ready for a monthly gift? Totally get it. If you would like to make a one-time donation for now, please click here.)


  • Donating a monthly boost of $91.30 to stabilize the station’s operations budget, antenna maintenance, county services and fees shortfall.
  • Building an endowment a permanent source of funding to benefit and ensure the future of the radio station.
  • Partnering with regional businesses, foundations and station members to gain and share knowledge that improves the community.
  • Encouraging philanthropy among listeners, the business community and foundations.
  • Providing advice and making recommendations to station management related to the overall programming, operations and strategies.