Hello, Francisco!

Francisco Killgore

Hello, Francisco! March 4, 2022 Like so many hosts who volunteer and produce programming at KSVY Sonoma 91.3 FM, Francisco has a romance with the airwaves and an appreciation of the magic of radio broadcasting, especially community radio. Francisco grew up traversing the west, riding shotgun on long car trips with his Father. His Dad…

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George Webber in front of Bear Flag Monument Sonoma Plaza

A LONG RIDE December 17, 2021 RADIO THEATRE OF THE WILD WEST is one of the oldest shows on KSVY Sonoma 91.3 FM and has been produced continuously since September 2004. The 478th episode of RADIO THEATRE OF THE WILD WEST aired live on KSVY’s airwaves Sunday, December 12th, 2021—a fantastic accomplishment! All along, these…

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