Off the Shelf

Graphic collage of musical artists promoting the "Off the Shelf" radio program hosted by Nate Lamar on KSVY Sonoma 91.3 FM

Off the Shelf Hosted by: Nate Lamar Friday 5pm – 7pm Off the Shelf is 99% Vinyl™. As a child, Nate was always obsessed with the radio. He is driven to share his obsessions with other like-minded folks through the last great medium – radio. He believes that radio still has the power to connect…

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Amanecer de mi Tierra/Dawn of my Land

Radio Show, Amanecer de mi Tierra with José Luis Villalobos Reyes graphic

Amanecer de mi Tierra/Dawn of my Land Hosted by: Jose Luis Vilalobos Reyes M – F 6am – 7am Dawn of my land It is a program in which with each song you will find memories of your land, your childhood, your parents and grandparents, with band music, romantic, old but beautiful, of memory. Also…

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The Trip With Flip

Picture of Flip at 2 years of age, dressed as Yoda for Halloween.

The Trip With Flip Hosted by: DJ Flip Saturday 8am – 9am The Trip With Flip is an hour-long, weekly, in-depth exploration into various underappreciated musical genres and under-recognized artists. Each week’s show will feature an introduction to an artist and selected examples of their work. About Flip:  Flip was born and raised in Sonoma…

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Sonoma Valley Interfaith Radio Hour

hands hold a blue globe of planet Earth with two doves of peace hovering

Sonoma Valley Interfaith Radio Hour Hosted by: Rabbi Steve Finley Thursday 3pm – 4pm Sonoma Valley Interfaith Radio Hour’s Intention: Educate on the various paths of faith and religion. Nurture an appreciation for another’s path towards sacredness. Inform about opportunities for faith enrichment Explore the intersection of faith and culture. Provide enjoyment with stories from…

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Deconstructing Media


Deconstructing Media Hosted by: Ben Boyce with John Meyers & Jon the Tech Wednesday 3pm – 4pm Deconstructing Media breaks down the tropes of mainstream media, interviews local labor leaders and activists, and tracks the latest developments in tech. Media’ is a weekly show which seeks to improve media literacy and helps to fully contextualize…

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Strictly Business

Strictly Business

Strictly Business Hosted by: Kip Altman with Scot Hunter Monday 1pm – 2pm Strictly Business is a weekly program that engages the people and issues of business and management history, corporate growth and profitability, entrepreneurial breakthroughs, operating successes and failures.  We’ll cover all factors that contribute to Sonoma County’s economic growth and development.   Host…

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JJ Experience

Portrait of Jesse & Jolene

JJ Experience Hosted by: Jolene & Jesse Brade Sunday 1pm – 3pm Welcome to the JJ Experience. We play World Music with a strong focus on Reggae, Ska, Soca and Afro Beats, spanning from back to the beginnings up to the newest jams. While that is our focus don’t be surprised by the Soul, Funk…

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ClusterFunk Radio

Photo Brittany & Tyler hosts of Cluster Funk Radio

ClusterFunk Radio is a fun mix of talk, music and even singing as a vehicle for open conversations, focusing on community issues in Sonoma County with a queer spin. On our show, we’ll share where the coolest hang out, fabulous upcoming events, what’s trending out there and why, and where these trends might be heading and what does that mean for our community.

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Community Soul Supply

Photo of Lisa Willett taking a selfie with a smart phone

Community Soul Supply Hosted by: Lisa Willett Thursday 4pm – 5pm Community Soul Supply is an hour that will feed your soul with music and people that inspire, entertain and ignite passion. Each week, Lisa hosts a special guest  who is the “guest co host” for the hour. The special guest picks three songs from…

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Above the Fold

Ann Hare Hosts

Above the Fold Hosted by: C Tuesday 3pm – 4pm A one hour content driven format covering a wide variety of current & relevant topics curated by C.   C has been a fashion buyer, a marketing and advertising executive, a small business owner, a community activist, but her first love is music.  She’s a…

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