CW’s Western Cavalcade of Rhyme

CW’s Western Cavalcade of Rhyme

Hosted by: CW and George Webber
Friday 1pm – 2pm

artist and musician CW Bayer with banjo

CW Bayer explores the exciting, dangerous and often humorous world of western doggerel. Vernacular. Low rhyme that’s usually sung. From the song commissioned by PT Barnum urging young men not to go west, “California As It Is” to CW’s own dusty compositions. Hold onto your hat for an hour of unobliterated mirth, wry suffering and localized musing. The songs! The stories that go with the songs! And whatever else seems relevant, or not. Like flakes of gold in the sandy bar, there may be something of value in CW’S WESTERN CAVALCADE OF RHYME. You could listen while washing dishes.

CW Bayer is an artist, author, historian and musician all in one human. He performs ragtime honky tonk songs and tunes, singing and playing instrumentally, on guitar and harmonica. He plays originals and standards. He’s played a long time. CW is available to share/teach this style. Visit or learn more about his historical research that informs the Calvacade at

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