The Morning Show Monday

The Morning Show Monday

Hosted by: Marcia Macomber
Monday 8am - 10am

Host Marcia Macomber - Woman in purple top with long brown hair

Mornings In Sonoma is Sonoma Valley's real-time local news and events outlet.

With a mix of local and long-distance guests, the show’s participants include business owners and executives, local government officials, nonprofit directors, authors, musicians and more. If guests can help the Sonoma Valley community, spreading the word via the Morning Show may be a great way to connect with Sonomans.

Some shows are structured with a single theme (climate change, health/wellness, affordable housing) while others offer an eclectic mix of guests and topics.

I book guests based upon their fit to our audience and station mission. I also engineer and host the show (with periodic guest co-hosts). It gets busy!